What is “Beyond Productivity”?

When it comes to productivity, most people think about trying to squeeze every last bit of juice from the metaphorical orange that is work and life.

That’s why they work as if they were machines. They try to run multiple programs at the same time, go full-throttle throughout their days, and rarely ever “switch it off”. As a result, they end up stressed out, overworked and unproductive. 

The most productive people, conversely, go beyond productivity and this machine-like perspective. They see themselves as mental athletes who

  • prioritize (deep) focus and rest

  • manage their energy (not just time)

  • master stress instead of trying to avoid it

With this newsletter, my goal is to help you do the same – one habit at a time.

Here’s what to expect:

Every Thursday, you'll get 1 short email from me. In 2 minutes of reading time, you’ll learn about 1 simple habit to go beyond productivity, why it works (the science-based mechanism) and how to do it (battle-tested by my busy clients and yours truly).

As with the dozens of executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs I work with, your time and attention are invaluable to me. Like them, the biggest obstacle you face when trying to be at your best is probably building the right habits.

As it turns out, only 8% of people keep their New Year's resolutions, and 92% fail to form the habits necessary to accomplish their goals. The science-based and battle-tested habits you'll learn about in this newsletter will help you join the first group.

Curious to learn more?

My forthcoming book Ultraproductive – co-authored with Eric Partaker – is the operating manual for accomplishing more and mastering stress in a challenging world of overstimulation. We developed that framework based on our work with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs in high-stress environments. Sign up for early-bird discount at https://www.ultraproductive.net/book

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